respite care

Despite being profoundly rewarding and fulfilling, providing care for an aging loved one also encompasses a multitude of challenges that can trigger serious health risks for family caregivers. And while it’s very common for family members to put their own needs on the back burner to place the emphasis completely on the needs of their loved one, it’s so important for caregivers to recognize that they can actually provide better care when they are well rested and in optimum health themselves.

Carving out time for self-care can be a struggle as well. After all, your loved one relies on you, and you have come to understand all of the little intricacies that help each day run efficiently – how she likes her tea prepared, her hair curled, the details of her mid-day routine. It’s more efficient sometimes to just manage everything yourself than to entrust someone else with it all. Yet realistically, we all need a little help every once in awhile, and this is especially the case for caregivers, who are susceptible to the increased stress that can lead to caregiver burnout.

At Home With You, a provider of home care in Owings Mills, MD and surrounding communities, we receive calls from family members on a regular basis who are reluctant to accept assistance, but are in dire need of a trusted partner in care. If this describes you, take into consideration the benefits of professional respite care – both to yourself and to your senior loved one.

Respite Care Benefits for Caregivers

Qualified respite caregivers, like those at Home With You, are fully trained and experienced in a wide range of senior care needs, including specialized care for those with dementia and other chronic conditions. Our caregivers never come in and “take over,” but devote time to listen and become acquainted with each senior in order to provide highly customized care to meet each person’s individual needs.

As a result, family members have the opportunity to relax and restore themselves with enjoyable pastimes and interests, exercise, time spent with friends, shopping and tending to their own needs, all while having the assurance that their senior loved one is receiving the very best of care.

Respite Care Benefits for Seniors

And the positive aspects aren’t just for the caregiver herself! Seniors gain the opportunity for increased socialization as they spend time with a new companion with whom they can share life stories, participate in fun activities, play games, learn a new skill, go out shopping or to lunch – the options are unlimited. Respite caregivers can also prepare meals, help with housework and laundry, and assist with personal care needs like taking showers and grooming – tasks that are at times more comfortable for seniors when performed by a professional caregiver.

The senior receives a twofold gift: a more relaxed family caregiver, and relief in knowing that the caregiver is taking care of herself – something that is so important to many seniors who may struggle with feelings of guilt about their need for care.

To learn more about how we provide professional home care in Owings Mills, MD and the surrounding areas, contact us any time at (410) 756-0959. We’re here for as much or as little respite care assistance as needed – both for your elderly loved one, and yourself.