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After being afflicted by a heart attack, it’s not unusual to work through a broad range of emotions: relief that the experience is over, uncertainty about what could possibly have prompted the attack, and fear about the risk of it happening a second time, to name just a few. The good news is there are actions that heart attack survivors can take to substantially lower their chance of a subsequent incident.

Needless to say, prior to making any lifestyle modifications, it’s important to speak with the physician. With his or her agreement, the senior care experts at Home With You Senior Care, providers of professional home care in Reisterstown and the surrounding areas, endorse the tips below:

  1. Abide by the prescribed medication plan. Often, when a patient is feeling better, the inclination is to cease taking medications. However, post-heart attack prescriptions are meant to substantially decrease the chance of a second attack, and consequently are crucially important to continue.
  2. Keep on track with follow-up appointments. Life gets hectic, and as with prescription meds, it’s not uncommon for seniors to slack off on maintaining routine medical appointments. Again, it’s crucial to an individual’s recovery and continued heart health to visit with the physician as often as recommended. And if transportation is a problem, Home With You can help.
  3. Be sure to make sensible lifestyle decisions. Heart attack risk factors include smoking, an inactive lifestyle, and poor dietary habits. Making changes to live a more healthy life by making improvements in any of these areas is helpful.
  4. Seek out support. Partnering with others who’ve survived a similar trauma is a great way to obtain strength and encouragement following something as life-changing as a heart attack. The American Heart Association’s online support group is a good place to get started.

Another wonderful source of support for those recovering from a heart attack is working with Home With You Senior Care. Our care team is specially trained and experienced in a wide variety of services that can improve heart health, such as planning and preparing nutritious meals, providing transportation to medical appointments and procedures, offering encouragement to engage in exercise programs, and so much more. As a provider of exceptional home care in Reisterstown and nearby areas, we invite you to call us at 410-756-0959 for help in maintaining optimal health and wellbeing for yourself or a senior loved one.